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The price of an average reed bed system for a 9000 litre capacity reed bed (domestic type 3 bed dwelling) is $4000 + GST, we will design a waste water management system specific to your needs from single domestic applications to large commercial or urban projects (assisting with local council approval).  We can assist in locating suitable plumbers within your area to assist with construction depending upon your location.

In some cases where sufficient fall is available the use of pumps can be avoided.  If however gravity fall is not plausible, a reliable submersible pump can be used to automatically transfer treated waste water from a collection well to either a surface wetland area or effluent disposal field (subsurface irrigation, evapotranspiration mound, absorption trench, etc).

Eco-Reed Bed Waste Water System Advantages:

  • No chemicals used
  • Robust and reliable with no moving parts
  • Low maintenance
  • Low running costs
  • No odours
  • User and environmentally friendly
  • Removes nitrogen and phosphorous
  • Reduces pathogens (ie : bacteria and viruses)
  • Higher quality effluent means lesser sized effluent disposal areas required
  • The energy efficient way eco-reed beds treat waste water compared to an AWTS even if a pump is required means you will save $$$$ on the average annual power consumption.
  • If products containing low levels of sodium and phosphorous are used in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry the performance of the system will be enhanced.